BioPhotons - Feltárul az emberi energiamező titka

2016.01.28 14:59

BioPhotons ~ Secrets of the Human Energy Field Revealed!


BIOPHOTONS  ~The Secrets of Human Energy Field Revealed ~ MIND OVER MATTER CAN REALLY CHANGE THE WORLD CLAIMS A RUSSIAN SCIENTIST.(Dr. Konstantin Korotkov , Professor of Computerscience and Biophysics in St .Petersburg)  Brain Power. The Power of Positive Thinking usually focusses on what this can do for an individual  but now a Russian /Armenian Scientist says that it can also influence the World around us. With the help of the technique of Bioelectrical Photography, we can proof that our Positive Intentions & Emotions do directly influence our Environment. One of the positive results that use of these techniques can bring us, is an early diagnosis of illnesses like Heartdisease and Cancer.  If we develop within ourself the ability to Create Love, to Create Positive Emotions, we change the space around ourself . The idea that our Positive Energy can Change the Structure of the World around us , is received by many with deep Scepticism , yet in the sphere of Bioelectrical Photography we continu to find scientific proof of this idea. Sources article: